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An electronic band


Electrified Pipa + Electrified Erhu + Electrified Vocal

Futurism + Globalism + Technology

THE EITHER were formed in New York City in 2017 and the members consist of Zongli on vocals, Jiaju on pipa, and Yang on erhu. The band’s core principles are futurism, technology, and globalism, as the band believes in an androgynous world where cultures converge. Their musical style is unapologetic and distinct, blending rock, pop, and dance music. They are known as the one and the only artists for using electric traditional Chinese instruments.


They have released 8 singles, 2 mini-albums, and 2 full album, performed over New York's notable venues like The Gramercy Theater, Irving Plaza, Bowery Electric, The Bitter End. For the recent three consecutive years, they've been invited to perform at New York Fashion Week. The band also actively cooperate with new media artists, fashion designers, and academics.

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